On Demand With Comcast Cable

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What is On Demand With Comcast?

On Demand With Comcast Cable

If you have Comcast Cable as your digital cable television service provider, you may also be able to use On Demand which comes with your digital cable package.

On Demand with Comcast is available to Comcast's digital cable customers and allows you, the viewer, a new and fun way to watch television. On Demand let's you choose from a variety of programs, including movies, of which you can watch whenever you want for as long as you want in a 24-hour period.

On Demand also lets you rewind, fast forward, pause, stop or continue watching a program all by pushing the buttons on your digital cable remote control. If you have Comcast Digital Cable, all you need to do is access On Demand through your remote control. If you have aren't sure if On Demand with Comcast is available to you, simply call your Comcast provider and ask!



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