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What are Some Popular Cable TV Shows?

Popular Cable TV Shows

What is your favorite television show to watch on cable? Besides the shows on the major networks such as ABC, NBC and CBS, do you like watching shows on lesser known networks or networks that you can only view because you have cable? I am sure you can name a long list of shows that you love to watch on cable. Do you know what the most popular shows are?

If you chose any of the WWE shows that are broadcast on the USA network, then you are right. On average, those shows bring in the highest viewers for cable television each week. Other popular shows include another USA network show called Monk. Is that one on your list? How about The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, a popular tween show on the Disney Channel that is a good one for the entire family to watch.

Cable television is widely popular, and the shows that are broadcast on cable television stations are growing in popularity. Do you have a favorite?

What is Expanded Basic Cable?

Expanded Basic Cable Television

Another option when purchasing a cable television package is to go with something called the expanded basic cable package. This package is an upgrade in comparison to the basic cable television package. You get more channels and thus more viewing choices, but it is going to cost you more money also!

Usually, with the expanded basic cable package you will receive around 70 to 80 channels. These channels will include your local affiliate ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and PBS stations, along with many more choices. You will most likely get more family viewing choices, children's programming, news and sports programs. You may even be able to receive channels such as Lifetime, HGTV and Comedy Central. The expanded basic cable package will run you anywhere from $10 to $20 more a month when compared with the Basic Cable package. It may be more depending on which cable provider is available in your area. You can always search for the best package deal on websites such as when trying to find pricing and package deals available in your area. Or you can call your local cable provider to see what they can offer you.

What is Basic Cable?

Basic Cable TV

When you decide to purchase cable television you will have your choice of packages. One of these packages will probably be referred to as a basic cable television package.

Within in this package, you will have a very limited choice of cable television viewing. Most likely, you will be able to receive your local programming channels, such as your ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and PBS affiliate and 25 channels other than your local stations. Your package may include The Weather Channel, a home shopping channel, and perhaps a channel, such as TBS.

A basic cable package is good for people on a limited budget or for those who simply don't need or want all the extra channels for the extra price. You should contact your cable company today for pricing and options that are available to you.

What are some Cable TV Networks?

Cable TV Networks

You know some of the most popular shows watched on cable television but what are some of the networks that you may find yourself viewing should you decide on cable television? It really depends on what cable package you decide to purchase but chances are if you select a package that has many channels, rather than a basic cable package, you will most likely get channels such as the following:

You will get your local television channels, so whatever your major network channels are, you should get. You will also most likely receive channels such as A&E (Arts and Entertainment), the E Network (The Entertainment Network), BET (Black Entertainment Television), Cartoon Network, Lifetime Television, HGTV (Home and Garden Television), CMT (Country Music Television), the Discovery Channel, MTV (Music Television), TLC (The Learning Channel) and ESPN (sports) for your viewing. Obviously, there are many more channels you could be and will be receiving, but you can pretty much bet on these channels for most major cable providers.

What are Premium Cable TV Channels?

Premium Cable TV Channels

When purchasing your cable television packages you also have a decision to make regarding the want or the need for Premium Cable channels. These channels are typically the channels in which you would pay extra for on top of whatever package you wish to purchase.

Premium Cable channels are generally channels such as HBO, Showtime and Cinemax and there will most likely be a fee for each individual channel usually between eight and ten dollars, or you may be able to choose all three channels for a set price. These are often the choices for Premium Cable channels when utilizing analog cable television.

If you decide to go with Digital Cable television in your home, you will most likely have a choice for more Premium Cable channels. Besides the ones mentioned above, you can have added channels such as HBO 2 and several other HBO channels. You may be able to purchase several Cinemax channels as well as several Showtime, Starz and Encore movie packs. These, of course, will come at an additional price, usually ranging between $7 and $12 or more per package. As with the analog cable, you may be able to purchase all Digital Cable Premium channels in a set price package. Try contacting your cable company for prices and more information!

What are Television Shopping Channels?

Television Shopping Channels

Do you love to shop? Do you hate going to the mall with all of the crowds and people? If you do, you certainly aren't alone. Many people now opt to do their shopping through the television rather than braving the weather, the people and the crowds at the mall. Yes, that is correct, you can simply turn on your television and do your shopping from the comfort of your own couch. How, might you ask, is this possible? Through the beauty that is home shopping.

That's right, your cable television can provide you with your home shopping needs, Be it by watching the Home Shopping Network or QVC on cable television, you will most likely be able to find that bargain you have been looking for but don't want to venture out to get. Have you been wanting some new fitness equipment? You better believe that a home shopping channel will have it. Are you looking for some new shampoo? Yes, home shopping channels will have that also. Pretty much anything you can think of, and then some, home shopping channels will have it! If you see something you need featured on a home shopping channel, simply pick up your phone and dial the number given, use your major credit card and the item could be yours!

Depending on what channels are available in your area, you may have your choice of three or four home shopping channels for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to tune in everyday for scheduling times and what categories are featured at that time. Shopping has never been so easy. If you miss the item that you want to buy when it is featured on a home shopping channel, never fear! You can log onto the Internet and the channel's website and do your shopping through your home computer!

How Can I Find Out What is on TV?

Cable TV Guide

You have cable television and you want to know what is on that day to watch. Did you know that for most people, your cable television guide is just a push of a button away? You can push the "guide" or "menu" button on your cable television remote control and up will pop a guide for you to peruse through until you find something of interest. It is a very easy tool to utilize and it is right there when you need it.

Some people like to stick to what they know, and that is using an actual paper guide for finding what is on television. For this you can either use the guide that comes with your Sunday paper or inside your daily paper. Or you can purchase a TV Guide magazine. These guides will have day-to-day programming and brief descriptions for certain programs on each day. You simply just turn to the date that week that you want to find viewing information on and scan through the choices until you find one that suits you.

If that still doesn't work for you, can now view each television channel's lineup on the Internet. If not all of cable television channels, at least most of them. Do you wish to find out what is on Bravo today at 1:00? Hope onto Bravo's website and it will tell you.

Which TV guide choice is right for you?

Can the FCC Ban Inappropriate Cable Shows?

The FCC and Cable Broadcasting Restrictions

The FCC (The Federal Communications Commission) does not say what programs cable companies should have in their line up or not, but it can limit the cable companies in what is considered to be decent and indecent.

United States courts have ruled that material, even if indecent, is still protected by the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech) and can't be banned altogether. However, it can be limited to what is shown, when it is shown and how much of it is shown. This basically means if there is a high chance that a child may see something that is inappropriate, then the cable network showing the program must restrict what is considered inappropriate to avoid a child seeing too much.

Therefore, the FCC doesn't censor television shows but it can restrict what is shown and at what times it is shown. Most often if there is something that a child shouldn't be watching, the FCC has stated that it must be shown later on at night when chances are slim that a child will still be up to see it.

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