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What is a Best Price Guarantee?

Best Price Guarantee for Cable

If you're comparison price shopping for cable television prices, look at which also offers a Best Price Guarantee. This guarantee is something to look for when purchasing a cable plan that doesn't go directly through the cable company. For example, if you choose to purchase cable at a discounted price through a site such as, the service providers have agreed to a Best Price Guarantee. This means that the prices quoted on that site should not be higher than what is quoted to you on the site regardless of if you order using the Internet or the telephone.

If your price is higher than the quoted website price for cable services, then you can send an email or contact the website in which you were given the Best Price Guarantee and give them all pertinent information such as what you ordered, from where you ordered and where the discrepancy occurred. With this information you may be able to receive a price match and a refund for the price difference.

A Best Price Guarantee isn't offered by every website in which you can compare and order cable, but it is a nice reassurance that customer service is important to them by those websites that offer it.

How Can I Easily Compare Cable Prices in My Area?

Website That Compares Cable Prices

Looking for the best cable prices in your area? You may want to look for websites that actually do the search work for you. Sites, such as, offer a search function in which you input specific information and a search is done for the best cable and satellite prices in your area.

By simply putting in your address, city, state and zip code, the site will do a search for the best package deals or prices in your specific area. You'll see what is available in your area and read a brief description of each plan. You're even able to compare up to three different offers so you can see which plan is right for you.

This type of comparison shopping is easy because all of the work is done for you! This can save you countless hours on the Internet doing a search for each specific type of cable or satellite company that you are aware of. You can't beat having the work done for you.

What are Special Offers and How do I Get Them?

Special Offers

Cable and satellite providers often times offer special package deals for new customers. You can find these special offers by either calling the cable company or companies in your area and asking what they offer for new customers, or you can use an Internet search to find special offers for you.

Try doing a search engine search for "cable television special offers" to see what pops up for you. You should be directed to either the cable provider's website or a website that specializes in finding you the lowest cable prices and special deals in your area. You can often order directly through these speciality websites and save yourself a lot of money. Many times these special offers include a free DVR (digital video recorder) and free set-up of equipment, or free additional channels such as free HBO for a specified number of months.

Researching what is available in your area as far as cable and satellite goes and then researching to see what special offers they may be promoting is a great idea before purchasing a cable plan for your home.

What Should I be Thinking About When Purchasing Cable TV?

Cable TV Packages- What to Think About

When someone is telling you about his or her cable television package, they are referring to what their cable channels consist of. Basically, they are telling you all of the channels that they receive in return for their regular monthly payment on that cable.

What you will want to think about when comparing cable television packages for your own viewing, is exactly what you want and need from your cable. For example, is The Sopranos one of your favorite shows? If so, you will want to make sure that you have HBO as part of your cable package. HBO can usually be added on to a cable package for an additional price. If having a lot of family programming is important to you, then you will want to pick a cable TV package that offers more than one family channel to watch.

These are things to think about when deciding on your cable television package. What is so nice about cable television is that there are so many choices, just about everyone should be happy with what is offered.

How Can I Exactly Compare Prices on the Internet?

How Exactly do I Compare Cable Prices on the Internet?

Let's say that you have found a website, such as mentioned above, that will compare cable prices in your area for you. Once you have put the information in, such as your address, a screen will pop up that shows you what is available in that area. What do you do now?

You can simply click the small box that is available by the cable providers that were in your area and then click on the box that says something like this, "Compare up to three offers". Once you have done this, you should be taken to a page that will show the different cable opportunities available in your area. It is especially nice because this should be the best price available and it should spell out what is offered by each company in a very easy-to-see comparison. It should even tell you what service plans are available for what price and then go on to show you each and every package deal and price available to you within in each plan shown. You can even click on details for each package deal to find out even more specific information.

Comparing prices for cable is very important, especially when you are looking for the best deal out there. Take out the extra work and use an Internet website that does it all for you. It can't get much easier than clicking the mouse button over the package that interests you!

What are Some Prices for Packages?

Prices For Packages

When doing a comparison for cable television providers in your area, you can expect to find several different package deals presented to you. What can you expect to pay for each package? It depends on where you live and how much the cable providers charge in that particular area.

For example, if you live near St. Louis, Missouri, you will probably find three major providers for cable or satellite that you can choose from. Comcast, Dish Network and DIRECTV are all available for cable in that area.

Comcast will charge you over $50 for their standard service plus one digital channel from either a digital movie channel, a digital sports channel or a digital family channel. Dish Network will charge you about $35 for 100 channels including some of the most popular channels, such as E! Entertainment television and CNN along with your local channels. DIRECTV will charge you about $30 for the family package, which includes over 40 channels of favorite family programming along with your local channels.

This is just the beginning of what packages are offered by each provider in this area. The list is quite long and quite concise. If you are looking for the best package deal and prices available to you, try doing your comparison on a website that will take care of all the work for you!

Why are my Cable Rates Going Up?

Why Are Cable Rates Rising?

Have you ever wondered why your cable bill seems to rise every year without having purchased additional pay channels? You aren't alone, and quite honestly, it seems that no one is anxious to take the blame on rising cable costs.

If you ask a consumer advocate about why cable television prices are rising he will most likely say it is because the cable companies like the profits they see from the cost increase. Really when you think about it, those who provide us with cable are running a big business and there isn't that much competition, so these companies know that people will pay a little bit more in order to keep their cable television.

If you ask the cable companies you will get a different story as to why rates must rise. Cable companies blame the higher cost of programming on the need for a rate increase. In order to keep providing you with your favorite popular programs they must charge you more to do so in order to keep up with inflation.

So, who is to blame for the rising rates in cable television? It seems it really is a two-sided issue. As for who is at fault, that really needs to left up to the consumer to decide for himself.

Who Sets the Cable TV Rates?

Who Regulates Cable TV Rates?

Have you ever wondered where your cable television provider has come up with the rates they charge consumers for their cable service?

Basically your cable provider is monitored by a local franchising authority. The local franchising authority (LFA) can only regulate how much your cable company charges you for local stations and for any educational and government stations. This commonly referred to as a basic tier service.

The LFA, however, does not regulate how much your cable company charges you when it comes to premium channels, such as HBO or for any pay-per-view channels. Your cable company can charge you any amount for those types of channels. But, your cable company should not tell you that in order to purchase premium channels or pay-for channels you will need to buy a more expensive cable television package. Those channels should not require a more expensive package, instead they should be offered at an additional fee for any cable package available. There is no rule though that says cable companies must actually offer these premium channels on an individual basis.

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