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What is Interesting About Suddenlink?


Suddenlink is another cable company, albeit a smaller one. It is one of the top10 cable broadband providers in the United States, serving about 1.4 million customers.

Suddenlink is a very new cable provider, having only started in 2003 under the name Cebridge Connections. Since that time, Suddenlink has acquired other smaller cable companies and developed into Suddenlink Cable.

Suddenlink has spent millions of dollars on upgrading facilities and upgrading the services it offers its customers. Suddenlink offers not only cable television to its customers, but it also offers Internet service and phone service in many of its areas.

Can You Tell Me More About Comcast?

Comcast Cable

If you have cable television through Comcast Cable, then you are receiving your cable through the country's number one cable provider.

Comcast started in 1963 as a small operation and has since grown to the largest cable provider in the United States. Today, Comcast serves about 24 million people in 36 different states for cable alone. Comcast also provides 11.5 million customers with high-speed Internet and 2.5 million customers with digital phone/voice service.

Comcast considers themselves as one of the leading communications companies in the world. They provide broadband cable, high-speed Internet access and broadband phone service to customers throughout the country.

Besides just being a cable television provider Comcast also invests in networks and sports teams. Comcast networks include E! Entertainment Television and The Style Channel. Comcast also has a majority ownership in Comcast-Spectator, whose holdings include the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team and the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team.

What is Bright House Cable?

Bright House Cable

Bright House Networks is another cable provider serving 2.1 million people in Florida, Alabama, California, Indiana and Michigan.

Bright House Networks offers its customers Internet, phone service and subscription video-on-demand. Besides these services, Bright House also was one of the first in the country to offer HDTV, high-definition television signals, but customers must have the proper equipment to receive this HDTV signal.

Bright House offers stellar customer service, making sure that customer service is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week for its customers. Besides great customer service, Bright House gives back to the communities it is in. They work for several causes, including safety for children, education programs and community causes that invest in children's futures.

Bright House Networks are managed by Advance/Newhouse, which holds interest in Parade Magazine and 26 city newspapers throughout the country.

What Should I Know About Cox Communications?

Cox Communications

Cox Communications is another large cable provider in the United States. Cox takes extreme pride in the fact that they offer superior customer service to its clients. Cox Communications feels they don't need to be the biggest cable provider in the country; they just want to provide the best customer service and cable possible to its customers.

Cox Communications serves about 7 million customers in the United States and has over 23,000 employees throughout the states. In 2006, J.D. Power and Associates gave Cox the highest honor in customer satisfaction for residential cable and satellite customers.

Cox Communications also cares about education. The company has invested over $100 million since 1989 to improve the quality of education in this country by providing schools with needed resources to improve learning. In 2003 Cox Communications partnered with The Boys and Girls Club of America and started providing free Internet and video technology in clubs throughout the United States.

What Should I Know About Time Warner Cable?

Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable is the second largest cable television provider in the United States today. One reason Time Warner is so successful and so popular in the cable television field is that they are innovative in what they offer their customers.

Time Warner Cable offers advanced technology for over 26 million cable customers throughout the country. Time Warner Cable was among the first cable company to offer several other services besides just plain cable. Time Warner Cable also provides digital cable, high-speed Internet access and digital telephone service.

What Should I Know About Adelphia?


If you are a customer of Adelphia Cable Company then you won't be surprised to hear that Time Warner Cable and Comcast Cable recently purchased Adelphia. In 2002, Adelphia filed for bankruptcy and in 2006 it was purchased by Comcast and Time Warner.

Adelphia at one time, prior to the sale of the company, provided cable service to people in 31 states and was actually the fifth largest cable company in the country.

Adelphia offered both analog and digital cable and high-speed Internet access, along with other broadband services to its customers.

What is Insight Cable?

Insight Cable

If you don't live in the Midwest, you might not have heard of Insight Cable. The company provides cable to 1.3 million customers in Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.

Just like the other larger cable providers in the United States, Insight Cable also offers Internet and phone service to its customers.

In 2001, Insight was named Cablevision Magazine's Cable Operator of the Year. The accolades don't stop there for Insight Cable. In 2003, Communications Technology named Insight "Cable Operator of the Year" for it's forward thinking when it comes to cable television. In 2004, Insight's broadband Internet was named by PC Magazine as one of the top four Internet providers with customer satisfaction in the United States.

What Should I Know About Charter?

Charter Communications

Charter Communications is a fairly new cable provider, having only started in 1993. Since that time, it has grown to be a popular choice in cable television, even growing into a Fortune 500 company.

Charter has over 17,000 employees throughout the United States and operates in more than 4,200 places throughout the country. Providing not only cable, but also telephone and Internet service, Charter continues to grow, which means its customers will have expanded choices for service.

Charter also gives back to the community by participating in Cable in the Classroom, which provides free Internet and free cable connections to classrooms in its service areas.

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