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Does Time Warner Offer HD Cable?

Time Warner High Definition Cable TV

If you have Time Warner Cable and you have upgraded your television set to a high-definition model, then you will need to contact Time Warner to see what HD choices they have for you.

Time Warner does offer HD cable television for its HD television customers, but like most other cable providers, it isn't offered everywhere. With Time Warner HD cable, you can still get all of your favorite channels to watch, but you can watch it in a more theater-like setting.

Time Warner only requires you to upgrade to a new digital HD-enhanced cable box and they will install it for you. If you are already a Time Warner customer, all of this will be done free of charge.

It is important to remember that even if you have a HD television and HD cable, not every station will offer HD programming. Check with Time Warner to see what channels are available and how much HD cable will cost you!

Does Comcast Offer HD Cable?

Comcast High Definition Cable TV

Is Comcast your cable television provider? Do you have a HDTV? If so, you will want to make sure to contact Comcast to let them know that you will need to the appropriate services and equipment.

Comcast doesn't require its HD viewers to purchase a separate HD cable receiver of their own choosing, instead you will just need to subscribe to their HD cable television service and Comcast will provide you with a special HD cable box. This service isn't available in every area, so even if you have a HD television, you may not be able to get HD cable if you don't live in an area in which it is offered.

Don't know if you live in an area where Comcast offers HD cable? Just check with your Comcast provider for more information or check on the website for your local provider. Comcast's HD programming offers all of your local channels, to movies and sporting events. Prices will vary depending on your location.

Can You Compare HDTV vs Standard TV?

HDTV vs Standard Television

When you compare HD television to standard television you will see many differences, most of them are not noticeable from simply looking at the television set alone, but are noticeable when viewing cable programs broadcast in HD.

HDTV has twice the linear resolution when compared with standard television. This means that the viewer, when watching a show with HD, will notice many more details when compared with a viewer watching the same program with standard television.

HD television also uses more aspect ratio when compared to standard television. Aspect ratio is the displayed width divided by its height. High definition television will have an aspect ratio of 16:9 while standard television is 4:3. This basically means that viewing a television program with a higher aspect ratio will mean a clearer, more precise view of what is being shown when compared with a smaller aspect ratio.

Will my Satellite Provider Offer HD?

HD Satellite

Do you have a satellite provider such as Dish Network or DIRECTV? Is you television a HD television? Are you wondering if you can get HD programming through your satellite provider? You are in luck! Both of the major satellite providers offer HD programming for your HD enjoyment!

You will want to contact either Dish Network or DIRECTV for current promotions, but you will need to upgrade your satellite tuner/box with one that is HD compatible. Your satellite company should provide you with one at either no extra charge or for an added fee, depending on any promotional offers they may have at the time of purchase. You should be able to get any local programs that are HD and many more channels that offer HD. If the channel doesn't have HD, then you will still be viewing it in standard format.

Give your satellite provider a call today or connect with them via the Internet for more information!

What is High Definition Cable TV?

What is High Definition Cable Television?

Have you ever wondered exactly what it means when something is considered high-definition? High-definition television is a system of broadcasting that has a much higher resolution when compared with a regular or traditional mode of broadcasting.

High definition television offers much more bandwidth for the viewer, which measures the frequency range of the signal sent, which means better viewing for the consumer who has a HD television or cable system. Currently, there are about 48 million people that have HD television in their homes. HD television is growing in popularity and soon enough, all televisions made will most likely come in HD.

What is an HD Cable Box?

HD Cable Box

If you have a HD (high definition) television, then you can also have HD cable! Yes, that is right, because you spent the extra money and purchased a HD television, you can now get your cable programming in HD also!

However, in order to receive your cable in HD, you must have the appropriate equipment and that means you must have an HD cable box if you want HD cable. You can either purchase an HD cable receiver separately through a company that sells them or you can try to save some money when purchasing your own and see what eBay has to offer.

Otherwise, most cable companies that offer HD cable also offer a special HD cable receiver just for customers that have HD television and want HD cable through it. You will just need to contact your cable company if you wish to find out what they offer.

Does Charter Offer HD Cable?

Charter Communications HD Cable

Charter Communications customers can rest easy knowing that they too, offer HD cable television. You must, of course, have a HD television set in order to get HD cable.

Call Charter to upgrade your service to HD cable if you have HD television. By upgrading to HD cable, you will be able to view any of your local channels in HD (if they offer HD programming), along with several other channels that offer HD.

You will even be able to watch a HD show with a picture that is five times sharper than the average show when viewed in HD. You just can't beat that! Charter also doesn't require you to sign any long-term contracts and you may cancel your HD cable at any time. Charter doesn't require you to purchase a separate HD cable box on your own, instead one is provided for you and it is installed for you for free, as long as you are a current Charter cable customer!

Charter HD cable isn't available in all service areas, so you must check on what is available for you.

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