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How Can I Order Cox Cable?

Get Cox Cable

If Cox Cable is the service provider in which you want to order cable television from, you will have the same choices as other major cable providers as far as ordering goes.

With Cox Cable, you can log onto their website and input the information you need to, such as your address. Once you have done this it will take you to a page full of packages that you can scan through to see which interests you. Once you have selected a package, simply put it in your shopping cart and you can check out. Just follow the website's directions for an easy ordering process! It generally takes about two business days for an order to go through.

You can also contact the Cox Cable provider in your area. Again, this may include looking up the number in the phone book, or using the number given to you from the Cox.com website.

As with the other major cable providers, you can also order directly through a website that puts your packages together for you and takes you through the ordering process. It is all done for you, so it doesn't get much easier than that!

One great thing about ordering directly on the Internet, either through Cox.com or a website that compares cable packages, is that you can order any time, day or night, they never close and you can build your cable television package just the way you like it!

If I Move Is It Hard To Change Providers?

Help! I'm Moving ... Now What?

So, you are moving! Congratulations on the upcoming event. Needless to say, moving can be quite a hassle. You have to contact all of your utilities, call your cable company and make sure they can switch you to your new address or cancel it altogether and find a new cable television provider. It really can be a pain!

But, it doesn't have to be if you use a website that will take care of the hassle for you. Connectmycable.com is an example of one of these types of websites. By simply logging onto their website, you can click on "Moving Services," which will give you so much information that hopefully you won't feel so overwhelmed!

You can compare and shop for new cable providers online and even order your new cable directly from their site. In many areas, you can even order your new utilities, such as gas, electric, phone, Internet, newspapers and even change your address through them!

Sites like these really do make your moving experience so much easier! Everything you need to transfer to new services is right there for you with the click of your computer mouse!

Can I Order My Cable Through an Internet Website?

Ordering Cable on the Internet

Are you interested in ordering cable television? Besides contacting your local cable company, you can actually do the ordering on the Internet through websites, such as Connectmycable.com that take all the guess work out of ordering!

You can input your home or business address and the website will bring up the best cable or satellite offers available to you. It doesn't stop there, however, you can even place your order directly through the website. Once you have decided exactly what provider you wish to use and what package you want, you can order! Just follow the simple directions given to you on the site, input your information, such as your address and phone number, and then submit your order! It is as easy as that! There is also a Best Price Guarantee in which the price you pay is guaranteed to be the price you are quoted for the cable package.

This is a great way to order your cable television!

How Can I Order DIRECTV?


If you have looked into cable television in your area and it is too expensive and you don't like what Dish Network has to offer, you most likely chose to go with DIRECTV as a satellite provider. The next step is to get DIRECTV ordered and in your home!

You can call DIRECTV directly at 1-888-777-2454 to find out what their current offers are and prices on packages that may interest you.

If you want to order online, that may be the way to go. DIRECTV.com has special offers for anyone ordering online each month.

You don't have to limit yourself to the above two choices, you can also order from a site, such as Connectmycable.com that compares prices and packages. By doing this, you won't receive the free gift like you would by ordering directly through the DIRECTV site, but it is still another ordering option for you to choose from.

How Can I Order Dish Network?

Order Dish Network

Dish Network is a great television satellite provider. Do you want to make the change and give Dish Network a try? You have a couple of ordering options, if this is the case.

If you are a new customer, you can call their customer service number at 1-888-825-2557 to order. The customer representative can tell you exactly what packages are available to you and what each one costs.

If you would rather not talk to someone directly because you already know what package you want, you can order online through a site that compares cable packages and prices. If you have done your research on a site such as this and you know what you want, you can stay on that very site and place your order for Dish Network.

Or if that doesn't suit you, try logging onto to DishNetwork.com and follow the Dish Builder directions so you can build your Dish Network package right before your eyes. You will even see the price of everything as you add it to your cart. It is a pretty cool way to get Dish Network in your home! If you are having trouble ordering through them on their website, you can even chat live with a Dish Network representative who can hopefully answer all of your questions as you choose your satellite package.

How Can I Order Time Warner Cable?

Ordering Time Warner Cable

If you are interested in ordering cable television with Time Warner Cable, you will most likely need to find the specific cable provider for Time Warner in your area to do this. Once you have determined who the provider is, ordering Time Warner Cable is easy!

First, you can order directly through the local Time Warner Cable provider's website. If you aren't sure what the name of the website is, try doing a simple Internet search with "your city Time Warner Cable" and the website should pop up for you to open. Once you have found the website, you can order directly from their website by following the directions given to you.

You can also call the number designated for your local Time Warner Cable ordering. You can most likely find this number in the phonebook or by looking on their website for the correct number to call.

One other choice is to yet again have someone do the searching and the contacting for you. Why not try an Internet website that will show you which packages are available for the company and help you order them through their secure site in a few easy steps? This option is great for those of us who really don't want to take the time to look up phone numbers or speak to a customer service representative.

How Can I Order Charter Cable?

Ordering Charter Cable

If Charter cable is what you have decided on for your cable television needs, then you need to order it, right? If so, Charter has made it easy to order with several different options. Just decide which option is right for you and go from there.

One option is to log onto Charter's website and order directly from their site. It is easy to do, but you must put in your address and see what is available in your area. After that, you can simply pick your package and use a major credit card to pay.The site is secure, so you don't have to worry about placing an order with personal information.

You can also call 1-888-GET-CHARTER and order from a live person over the phone. Many people prefer to actually speak to a real, live person rather than ordering on the Internet, so if that is the case, then this choice may be for you.

You can also use a website, such as Connectmycable.com, to place an order for Charter Cable television.

How Can I Order Comcast Cable?

Ordering Comcast Cable

Do you want to order Comcast Cable television? You aren't alone and you are lucky, because Comcast provides several ways in which to order your cable!

If ordering your cable via telephone is the way you prefer to do business, then simply give Comcast a call at 1-800-Comcast. This will take you to a customer service representative where you can place an order. You can also call your local Comcast provider and order through them, if they provide that service.

You can also order directly through Comcast's website. You must put in your address and other information to determine what is available to you. You can then pick the package you wish to purchase and pay using a major credit card. You will need to register an account with them in order to do this.

As with the other major cable television providers, you can also have someone else do the work for you and place an order for Comcast through a website such as Connectmycable.com. It takes all of the guesswork out of ordering for you and you can read detailed descriptions of every package that is available for purchase before purchasing!

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