Electronic Funds Transfer

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What is Electronic Funds Transfer?

Electronic Funds Transfer

Most major cable companies such as Comcast, Mediacom, Time Warner and Adelphia also offer another way to pay your cable bill. An electronic funds transfer is when money is taken from your checking or saving bank accounts on the same date every month and paid directly to your cable bill.

Signing up for electronic funds transfer is easy. You can either do it online directly through your cable company's website or you can call the company's customer service number. Keep in mind, you must fill out a form that has your name, your address and telephone number along with your cable account and your bank account. You may also be asked to mail in or fax a voided check so that the electronic fund transfer can be set up from the appropriate account.

Electronic funds transfer is another quick, free, and easy way to pay your bill and get it paid on time every month with no effort from you. Just don't forget to record the deduction from your bank balance each month.



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