Cable TV Box Models

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Are There Different Cable Boxes to Choose From?

Cable TV Box Models

With all of the choices out there for cable television packages, you shouldn't be surprised that there are also different cable television box models available. Which model you need will be dependent upon the cable package you purchase.

Cable boxes come in a basic model, which essentially just provides very limited features to the cable television user. The box is usually compact in size and has a remote control tuning ability.

Your other choices for cable boxes offer more features. The next step up in cable boxes should offer you remote control tuning, one touch Pay-Per-View ordering, timers for waking and sleeping, audio and video output/input jacks and it should be the perfect size to fit in your television stand.

The granddaddy of cable TV boxes will offer even more features for the user. It should offer advanced analog functions, an on-screen channel guide, on-screen programming, timers for sleeping and waking, radio functions and much more.

Talk to your cable company today to see what they offer and which cable box is right for you!



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