Universal Remote Control: Know Your Codes, Save Your Manuals!

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Why Should I Know Where My Remote Control Manual Is?

Universal Remote Control: Know Your Codes, Save Your Manuals!

So you have your cable television hooked up and you decide that you would rather use one remote control for all of your electronics instead of having a bunch that you could lose. You purchase a universal remote control, which can control not only your television, but your cable box, your VCR and your DVD player.

You get home and realize that you can't find the manuals to your other remote controls. Without your manuals, you can't program your universal remote to mirror the remotes you want to get rid of.

That could be a problem. If you're going to use a universal remote control, you need the codes to the other remotes in order to program your universal remote to match them. These codes are typically found in the manuals of the remote controls. If you absolutely can't find your remote control manual, you can most likely find the code by doing an Internet search for it. There are even sites out there that provide codes for most remote controls. The important thing to remember is that you should always place every manual for any electronic in a safe spot.



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