Cable Box Set-Up

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How Can I Set Up my Cable Box?

Cable Box Set-Up

Most cable television companies will send a professional to come to your home and install your cable television box. Sometimes, the coax cable needs to be run from the wall to the cable box. This can be done by the homeowner if the cable company allows it. You should check with your cable company before deciding to do this however, as they may prefer that you not do it yourself.

When setting up your cable box, you first need to find a spot where you want it to sit. Most people choose somewhere above or below their television sets. Once you have done this, you will want to make sure your television is plugged in. You will then need to take one end of a cable cord and connect it to the back of the television. Then, connect the other end of this same cable cord to the cable box. You will also need to make sure that the cable running from the wall is connected to either the television or the cable box, per the instructions of your television set. You will then need to make sure your TV is turned on and turned to the proper channel. After this, your cable box should be up and running!



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