Illegal Cable Boxes

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What is a Cable TV Descrambler?

Illegal Cable Boxes

So you want to get cable television for your home but you don't want to pay for it? You aren't alone. Many people decide it is better for them to purchase an illegal cable box, also known as a cable television descrambler.

A cable television descrambler will take a cable television signal and then decode it so that you can view it on your television. It looks similar to a regular cable television box, except it isn't. You break the law when you have cable television in your home without paying for it, which is exactly what a cable television descrambler does. It takes the cable signal, decodes it and allows you to watch cable TV for free.

You can purchase cable descrambler's when needed. These are considered okay when you have purchased a cable plan through your cable company and you need the descrambler in order to view these channels you are paying for through your cable company. It is when people purchase or make their own cable television descrambler and are not paying for the cable service when they are breaking the law. If someone offers to make you one or asks you to buy a descrambler so that you may have free cable service, do not! Contact the police department because those people are breaking the law!



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