Information You Should Share When Getting Cable Installed

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What Questions Will I be Asked When Getting my Cable Installed?

Information You Should Share When Getting Cable Installed

Once you have contacted the cable company you wish to use for your home or business cable, you will probably be asked several questions concerning the installation of your cable television service. You may be wondering why your cable service provider is asking these questions.

Did your service provider ask you to describe your home once you have set up a time for cable to be installed? Don't be alarmed. This question is a common one. The cable installer will need to know if you live in an apartment, a single family home or a townhouse. This helps the installer to prepare for what tools he or she will need once at your home.

You will most likely be asked if there are already cable wires or outlets present in your home. This is important because if they are not, your installer will need to have the correct tools in which to install these items. You will probably be asked if all of your cable outlets are easy for the installer to get to. It is important to clear a path for the installer and to make getting to outlets or other essential areas as easy as possible.



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