Expanded Basic Cable Television

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What is Expanded Basic Cable?

Expanded Basic Cable Television

Another option when purchasing a cable television package is to go with something called the expanded basic cable package. This package is an upgrade in comparison to the basic cable television package. You get more channels and thus more viewing choices, but it is going to cost you more money also!

Usually, with the expanded basic cable package you will receive around 70 to 80 channels. These channels will include your local affiliate ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and PBS stations, along with many more choices. You will most likely get more family viewing choices, children's programming, news and sports programs. You may even be able to receive channels such as Lifetime, HGTV and Comedy Central. The expanded basic cable package will run you anywhere from $10 to $20 more a month when compared with the Basic Cable package. It may be more depending on which cable provider is available in your area. You can always search for the best package deal on websites such as Connectmycable.com when trying to find pricing and package deals available in your area. Or you can call your local cable provider to see what they can offer you.



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