Cable TV Networks

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What are some Cable TV Networks?

Cable TV Networks

You know some of the most popular shows watched on cable television but what are some of the networks that you may find yourself viewing should you decide on cable television? It really depends on what cable package you decide to purchase but chances are if you select a package that has many channels, rather than a basic cable package, you will most likely get channels such as the following:

You will get your local television channels, so whatever your major network channels are, you should get. You will also most likely receive channels such as A&E (Arts and Entertainment), the E Network (The Entertainment Network), BET (Black Entertainment Television), Cartoon Network, Lifetime Television, HGTV (Home and Garden Television), CMT (Country Music Television), the Discovery Channel, MTV (Music Television), TLC (The Learning Channel) and ESPN (sports) for your viewing. Obviously, there are many more channels you could be and will be receiving, but you can pretty much bet on these channels for most major cable providers.



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