Best Price Guarantee for Cable

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What is a Best Price Guarantee?

Best Price Guarantee for Cable

If you're comparison price shopping for cable television prices, look at which also offers a Best Price Guarantee. This guarantee is something to look for when purchasing a cable plan that doesn't go directly through the cable company. For example, if you choose to purchase cable at a discounted price through a site such as, the service providers have agreed to a Best Price Guarantee. This means that the prices quoted on that site should not be higher than what is quoted to you on the site regardless of if you order using the Internet or the telephone.

If your price is higher than the quoted website price for cable services, then you can send an email or contact the website in which you were given the Best Price Guarantee and give them all pertinent information such as what you ordered, from where you ordered and where the discrepancy occurred. With this information you may be able to receive a price match and a refund for the price difference.

A Best Price Guarantee isn't offered by every website in which you can compare and order cable, but it is a nice reassurance that customer service is important to them by those websites that offer it.



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