Prices For Packages

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What are Some Prices for Packages?

Prices For Packages

When doing a comparison for cable television providers in your area, you can expect to find several different package deals presented to you. What can you expect to pay for each package? It depends on where you live and how much the cable providers charge in that particular area.

For example, if you live near St. Louis, Missouri, you will probably find three major providers for cable or satellite that you can choose from. Comcast, Dish Network and DIRECTV are all available for cable in that area.

Comcast will charge you over $50 for their standard service plus one digital channel from either a digital movie channel, a digital sports channel or a digital family channel. Dish Network will charge you about $35 for 100 channels including some of the most popular channels, such as E! Entertainment television and CNN along with your local channels. DIRECTV will charge you about $30 for the family package, which includes over 40 channels of favorite family programming along with your local channels.

This is just the beginning of what packages are offered by each provider in this area. The list is quite long and quite concise. If you are looking for the best package deal and prices available to you, try doing your comparison on a website that will take care of all the work for you!



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