Ordering Comcast Cable

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How Can I Order Comcast Cable?

Ordering Comcast Cable

Do you want to order Comcast Cable television? You aren't alone and you are lucky, because Comcast provides several ways in which to order your cable!

If ordering your cable via telephone is the way you prefer to do business, then simply give Comcast a call at 1-800-Comcast. This will take you to a customer service representative where you can place an order. You can also call your local Comcast provider and order through them, if they provide that service.

You can also order directly through Comcast's website. You must put in your address and other information to determine what is available to you. You can then pick the package you wish to purchase and pay using a major credit card. You will need to register an account with them in order to do this.

As with the other major cable television providers, you can also have someone else do the work for you and place an order for Comcast through a website such as Connectmycable.com. It takes all of the guesswork out of ordering for you and you can read detailed descriptions of every package that is available for purchase before purchasing!



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