Cable vs Satellite Programming

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What is the Difference With Cable and Satellite Programming?

Cable vs Satellite Programming

If you are wondering what differences there are between cable television programming and satellite television programming, there are just a few that are noticeable.

Cable television may have up to 300 channels to choose from. You can get most of these programs in digital cable, but you must have a digital receiver to do so. You can get local channels and several Pay-Per-View movies or shows to watch. Cable also offers many On Demand programs that allow you to watch a show whenever you want. Cable television is also offering many high-definition programs, as long as you have a high-definition television set.

Satellite programming, on the other hand, offers around 250 channels and all of them are digital. In most areas, satellite has local channels offered, but you may have to pay an extra fee to receive them. In some areas and with some satellite providers, local channels are not available. Satellite providers are also offering high definition programming for customers who have high definition televisions.



8/30/2009 1:00:57 AM
John said:

Your information is incorrect on satellite, especially when you compare to DIRECTV. Even with the music channels you will find that cable has fallen behind. You need to note the DIRECTV does have On Demand programs as well. You also fail to note that on the average cable has less HD programing than satellite. If you are going to comment, you need to do your home work to establish credibility.


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