What About the Equipment?

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What Equipment Will I Need for Both?

What About the Equipment?

Do cable and satellite television require similar equipment or are there major differences in what equipment is needed?

With cable, you generally only need one receiver per television in which you want to view digital cable on. You can also add a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to your equipment if you wish to have this service with your cable. When you disconnect your cable due to a move or a change in providers, you will most likely need to return the equipment to your cable provider.

Satellite television requires the use of a dish that is set up outside of your home. This will allow you to receive the signal you need to view satellite television in your home. Besides the dish that you need, you will also need a receiver for your television set. Many times you will need one receiver for two televisions and any TVs after that will need a receiver, also. Satellite providers generally allow you to rent the equipment and then return it when you discontinue using their service.



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