Dish Network History

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When Was Dish Network Created?

Dish Network History

If you have Dish Network as your satellite television provider, you are a subscriber to the fastest growing provider of advanced digital television for the last five years.

Dish Network was first developed in 1996 and owned by a parent company known as EchoStar. In 1995, EchoStar decided to develop its first commercial satellite. This satellite was known as EchoStar . This was a major gamble for EchoStar, but it paid off for the company with its success. Because of the success, EchoStar launched Dish Network the following year for people to utilize within their homes. The "Dish" in Dish Network stands for Digital Sky Highway.

Dish Network has grown in popularity throughout the years and in 2006 was serving more than 12 million houses. In the last five years alone, Dish Network has had more than 6 million customers sign up for service with them. On average, Dish Network is viewed by around 30 million people in the 12 million homes that are subscribers to this specific satellite television.



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