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What is the History of DIRECTV?


Everything has a history, including DIRECTV. DIRECTV began in 1994 as a direct broadcast satellite system that transmits satellite television to homes and businesses throughout the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America.

In 1981 a man known as Stanley Hubbard, a founder of the United States Satellite Broadcasting. It took ten years for the rest of the world, in the technology sense, to catch up to his vision. He eventually contacted RCA Electronics and Hughes Electronics with the hope of developing a satellite television service for people in their homes by using a dish. The dish was based on a dish, although much smaller, that was created by the Global Broadcast System. Eventually the two agreed to work together to bring satellite with the dish to consumers. Thus, in 1994 DIRECTV was launched.

As of June 2006, DIRECTV is responsible for bringing satellite television to almost 16 million viewers in the above mentioned areas. In keeping with DIRECTV's customer satisfaction, the company proved it really does listen to its customers and has made a promise that by the end of 2007, 100 percent of its markets will have local programming available to all customers.



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