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Does Bundling Really Save Money?

What If I Don't Need All Bundle Services?

Many people purchase bundled services because they want to save money. There is nothing wrong with that. However, many people purchase bundled packages with certain services included in that package that they do not need, still thinking it will save them money in the long run.

For instance, let's say you contact Time Warner about bundling together your cable television and your Internet. Let's say they only offer a bundled package deal in your area that includes digital phone service as well. You sign up thinking that you are saving money in the long run. However, you are actually paying for a service that you don't need or have- digital phone. Why pay money for a service that you aren't going to use? You are actually spending money on something you don't even have.

However, if you really need all of these services within your home, it makes sense to have them bundled together and paid for on one bill per month. Studies have shown that by bundling together these services you can save yourself almost $500 a year depending on the service provider and the cost of the bundled package when compared with paying each separately.

What is important to remember is that if you wish to bundle together your services, just make sure you are actually going to use all of them, otherwise you are wasting your money!

Does DIRECTV Offer Bundling?


If Dish Network offers a bundle package, why doesn't DIRECTV? They do! If you have DIRECTV and you have BellSouth as your telephone provider, you may be able to bundle a couple of your home services onto one bill.

BellSouth now offers the ability to put your cable television, your high-speed Internet, your Cingular wireless phone, and DIRECTV, all on one bill each month.

This service isn't provided in all areas, so you will need to check with BellSouth, but if you have this package available to you, you may just want to look into it! By combining all of these services you could just save yourself a bundle of money each month!

Does Time Warner Offer Bundling?

Time Warner Bundles

No one should be surprised to learn that Time Warner Cable offers bundling services to its customers either. After all, it is a major provider of cable throughout the United States.

Time Warner Cable bundling services aren't provided in all of the areas in which Time Warner Cable is a service provider, so you must check with Time Warner to see what is available for you. If Time Warner has bundling packages available for you, it will most likely consist of the following: cable television, high-speed Internet and digital phone service. By bundling your services, such as those mentioned above, you could save yourself almost $40 a month on those bills. Besides that, you will only have to write one check a month instead of three. You can't beat a bundle!

Does Dish Network Offer Bundling?

Bundles for Dish Network?

Are you a Dish Network customer? Feeling a bit envious that all of these cable television customers can bundle their services onto one bill each month and may even be saving money while saving themselves the work of sending several payments? You don't have to be green with envy anymore! Dish Network, in some areas, also has service bundling packages available.

If you have SBC (now AT&T) for your telephone service provider, they have teamed up with Dish Network to offer high-speed DSL Internet along with Dish Network satellite cable television. If you have both of these service providers why not give one a call today to see if that bundling service is available in your area? It could save you about $10 or more a month on these two bills and even give you one less bill to pay per month!

Do Smaller Cable Companies Offer Bundling?

Other Cable Provider Bundles

Not sure if you're cable company offers bundling services? Most likely your cable company, even if it isn't a major company, does offer bundling of services. First, you should check directly with your cable company by calling their customer service and asking if they offer bundling of services.

Second, if you have any of these cable providers, you should know that they do offer bundling of services, though not in all areas: RCN, Grande Communications, Bright House Networks, Atlantic Broadband, WOW! Cable, Buckeye CableSystem, and Everest. Each of these smaller cable companies offer bundling in which you could save anywhere from $15 a month to $30 a month. If your cable provider isn't listed on this list, simply give them a call or hop on the Internet and check their website to see what may be offered to you!

What is Bundling of Services?

What is Bundling of Services?

When you look into purchasing cable, or even if you are a current cable subscriber, you may have the option of bundling your cable with other bills. This would mean you would only have one bill to pay each month rather than several bills for household services.

For instance, many cable companies offer you the opportunity to not only utilize their cable, but they also offer you phone service, including both local and long distant, and even Internet service at one price. This means you would pay for all of those services in one bill directly to your cable company rather than in three separate bills to three separate companies.

Another bonus of bundling your services is that it is supposed to save you money in the long run. Why not check with your cable company today to see if bundling your services is an option for you?

Does Cox Communications Offer Bundles?

Cox Communications Bundles

Is Cox Communications your cable television service provider? Do you pay for your Internet through a different service provider? How about your telephone service, is that on a different bill each month also? If you answered "yes" to all of the above, you may be able to bundle all of these services onto one bill through Cox Communications.

Cox Communications is another cable television provider that offers bundling of other services along with cable, onto one bill each month. Besides saving you the hassle of paying three separate bills each month, you can also save up to $30 a month by bundling these services together.

What if you don't need all three services bundled together? Cox Communications also offers its customers the freedom to bundle just two of those services onto one bill per month. Contact Cox Communications today to see if you can get in on this bundling deal. It isn't available in all Cox Communications service areas, so make a call or hop on the computer to find out if you are in an area that bundles its services, before getting too excited about it!

Does Comcast Offer Bundling?

Comcast Bundling Packages

Comcast, a major cable television provider, is just one of the providers that offers bundling of services. Comcast refers to their bundling package as Comcast Triple Play because it consists of three services you most likely are paying for separately right now. These services include: high-speed Internet, cable television and Digital Voice service. By bundling these services through Comcast you can pay one bill per month instead of several.

You don't need to purchase the Comcast Triple Play, you can also bundle your services with just two things, such as high-speed Internet and cable television. It really depends on what is available in your area for you. The Triple Play isn't available in all areas where Comcast is a cable provider. You should check with Comcast to see what is available in your area or do a search on a cable television search site, such as Connectmycable.com.

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