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How Can I Lower my Cable Bill?

Lowering Your Cable Bill

Let's be frank, sometimes cable bills seem too high and often times people will run across a better cable deal than the one they currently have. That can make a cable customer see red and perhaps wish that lowered bill could be theirs. Often times it can be. Give this tip a try the next time you want to lower your cable bill.

Call your local cable company and explain that you saw an advertisement for a different cable company and exactly what is offered in the ad. Explain that you have been a loyal cable customer for quite some time and you are contemplating switching to another company unless your current company can match the special and save you some money on your cable bill. If you haven't tried this strategy out, it may be worth a shot, as many cable companies will try to please their customers by doing whatever it takes. However, do not be surprised or upset when the cable company turns down your request. If you have tried it several times, it may not work either. Either way, it is worth a shot to see if you can lower that cable bill.

Can I Pay Using My Remote Control?

Pay Your Cable Bill Through Your Remote Control

Did you know that it is possible to pay your cable television bill by simply using your cable television remote control? This option isn't open to everyone, but Time Warner Cable offers it to their customers. Imagine paying a bill by simply clicking on your remote.

To pay your cable bill via remote control, you must follow the directions given to you by your cable company. You will likely be instructed to go to a specific channel on your television by using the remote control. Once you have turned to that specific channel, you will need to push a button on your remote to establish a connection for payment.

You can use the "arrow" or "up" and "down" buttons on your remote to navigate through the page. You will need to select something that is similar to "current statement" on the screen. Once you have done this, you will see your current cable bill pop up on the television screen. You can choose to pay just this one time or set it up for payments to continue each month.

You will then need to give your major credit card information by inputting it with your remote control keypad. Even though you use this form of payment, you will usually still receive a bill in the mail each month.

If you do not know if remote control payments are an option with your cable company, simply give their customer service number a call and find out!

How Can I Pay my Cable Bill Online?

Pay Your Cable Bill Online

One option for paying your cable bill is to pay it online via the cable company's online bill pay. For example, Time Warner Cable offers this service through a system known as PayXpress. Time Warner is not the only cable company that offers online bill pay; every major cable company typically offers this choice of payment type.

To pay your cable bill online, you will first need to register with the cable company's online webpage. Simply input the information that is asked of you and then following the directions. Typically, you will be sent an automatic password to use for your first log in and then you will be asked to change it based on your preferences.

Once you have registered, you can select the option to stop receiving paper cable bills through the mail and instead be notified by email when your bill is due. Once you have received a payment notice, you can log onto the website with your user name and password and pay your bill. You will be required to pay using a major credit card if you opt not to have the money automatically deducted from your bank account.

Paying online for your cable television service is a great way to save paper and quickly and securely pay a bill without the hassle of purchasing a stamp or going to the mailbox.

What is the Average Cable Bill?

What is the Average Cable Bill?

Have you ever wondered what Americans, on average, pay for their monthly cable bill? You aren't alone. Many people often wonder what their neighbors pay for cable. Many people also see a rate increase and wonder if their neighbor's are having the same issue. So, just what does each household average when it comes to cable bills?

According to, in 2005, the average cable bill every month was $43.04 per household. This was split into how much the charge for basic cable averaged out to be, which was $14.30, and how much the charge for expanded cable was, which was $28.74. When added together, you get $43.04. If you are paying around that for your cable fee, then you are on average with other people across the United States.

What is Electronic Funds Transfer?

Electronic Funds Transfer

Most major cable companies such as Comcast, Mediacom, Time Warner and Adelphia also offer another way to pay your cable bill. An electronic funds transfer is when money is taken from your checking or saving bank accounts on the same date every month and paid directly to your cable bill.

Signing up for electronic funds transfer is easy. You can either do it online directly through your cable company's website or you can call the company's customer service number. Keep in mind, you must fill out a form that has your name, your address and telephone number along with your cable account and your bank account. You may also be asked to mail in or fax a voided check so that the electronic fund transfer can be set up from the appropriate account.

Electronic funds transfer is another quick, free, and easy way to pay your bill and get it paid on time every month with no effort from you. Just don't forget to record the deduction from your bank balance each month.

Can I Pay my Bill via Snail Mail?

Paying Your Cable Bill by Snail Mail

It seems the days are gone where people purchase stamps, take mail to mailboxes, raise the red flag and actually mail something. But it's still an option for those who don't feel comfortable paying bills online or through a television remote control.

If you wish, you can mail your cable bill using good old snail mail. You will either be able to pay using a money order, your credit card in which you record the numbers and expiration date on the invoice, or by writing a check and mailing it in the return envelope. However you wish to enclose payment is up to you, just remember to give your payment plenty of time to get where it is going.

If you are mailing a cable television payment via snail mail, make sure you mail it far enough in advance that it will not arrive late, thus adding late fees on to your next bill.

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