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What Questions Will I be Asked When Getting my Cable Installed?

Information You Should Share When Getting Cable Installed

Once you have contacted the cable company you wish to use for your home or business cable, you will probably be asked several questions concerning the installation of your cable television service. You may be wondering why your cable service provider is asking these questions.

Did your service provider ask you to describe your home once you have set up a time for cable to be installed? Don't be alarmed. This question is a common one. The cable installer will need to know if you live in an apartment, a single family home or a townhouse. This helps the installer to prepare for what tools he or she will need once at your home.

You will most likely be asked if there are already cable wires or outlets present in your home. This is important because if they are not, your installer will need to have the correct tools in which to install these items. You will probably be asked if all of your cable outlets are easy for the installer to get to. It is important to clear a path for the installer and to make getting to outlets or other essential areas as easy as possible.

What is a Cable Ready TV?

Cable Ready TV

Have you seen all of the television sets out there? The choices are endless. Most of the time when you purchase a television set, especially in this day and age, people want to purchase a television that has "cable ready" as a feature. A cable ready television means that it is a television in which cable can be received without the use of a cable box hooked up to it. What you may not know about this is that not every channel may be able to be received on a cable ready television set.

If you have certain cable channels, such as those in which you pay extra for, for example, Cinemax and Showtime, you will need a special converter to receive the signal that allows you to view those channels.

You should speak to your cable provider to see if your cable ready television will be all you need for the particular cable services you have purchased. Your company should be able to answer your questions regarding this matter.

Where Should my Booster be Installed?

Where Should a Cable TV Signal Amplifier be Installed?

If you have a home cable television antenna and you have poor picture quality, you may want to purchase a cable television signal amplifier to improve your picture. Now that you know this and you know where to purchase such a thing, where does it go once you have it?

You will want to place this cable booster as close to the home cable antenna as possible or as close as possible to where the cable enters the house. Placing the booster in the right spot should give you the best results. It is always best to ask a person who is knowledgeable about cable television and signal amplifiers before installing one in your home.

Why Would You Want a Cable TV Booster/Amplifier?

Why Would You Want a Cable TV Booster/Amplifier?

A cable TV amplifier is also known as a signal booster. A signal booster is commonly used to improve the picture quality of a television that is connected via a home antenna. People who usually purchase a cable television amplifier usually have three or four televisions that are all connected to your incoming cable or satellite.

If you have a snowy-looking picture and you have your cable connected via a home antenna, you may wish to install a cable television booster to lessen the snowy effect and make a brighter, clearer picture. If this is something that you think you may need, see a local electronics store assistant for more information.

Should I Install my Own Cable?

Installing Your Cable TV

People want lots of choices when it comes to their television viewing. Many people don't want to pay the expensive hook-up fees associated with getting cable in their homes. People have even been known to ask to install their own cable television in their homes to safe on the fee that is usually charged to them for this job.

It is best, however, to have a professional install your cable television and most of the time, the cable provider will not allow a customer to install the cable themselves at their homes. Too many things can go wrong, the cable could be hooked up incorrectly, thus causing even more problems. This is why it is best to save jobs such as these to the trained professional, even if it costs you the extra dough!

Contact your cable or satellite company for the appropriate channels to follow when installing cable or satellite in your home.

What is Coax Cable?

What is Cable TV Coax?

Everyone, or just about everyone, has heard of coax cable. Most people know that it is cable that is used in conjunction with cable television. But do you know what coax cable is exactly?

Coax cable is a type of copper cable that cable television companies use to connect a community antenna from their satellite to the person's home who has purchased the cable or to a place of business.

Coax cable was first developed in 1929 but wasn't actually used by a business until 1941 when AT&T used it for a cross-continental transmission.

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