Digital Cable Features

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What are Some Features of Digital Cable?

Digital Cable Features

Do you remember the days when you were watching a television show and you weren't sure what it was going to be about? Remember when you had to go find the newspaper's TV guide, search through it for the correct date and time to find the show's plot? Remember how much of a pain that could be? If you have digital cable, you no longer need to scrounge through the newspaper's small print to find a description, instead you can push the "info" button on your remote. This button will bring up a neat feature of your digital cable -- a feature that describes right on your TV screen what the show you are viewing is about.

Another cool feature of digital cable is the ability to rent a movie through your digital cable, watch it and even pause it, fast forward or go back, during your viewing. This is referred to as "Video on Demand" and is a popular feature in digital cable.

You can even add onto your digital cable package with DVR, or a Digital Video Recorder, in which you can record programs from your digital cable without the use of a videotape. Instead, it records the program directly to a hard-drive digital storage system. This allows the viewer to also pause live television shows in real time (such as NFL football games) and return to the show without missing anything at all!



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