Cable Ready TV

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What is a Cable Ready TV?

Cable Ready TV

Have you seen all of the television sets out there? The choices are endless. Most of the time when you purchase a television set, especially in this day and age, people want to purchase a television that has "cable ready" as a feature. A cable ready television means that it is a television in which cable can be received without the use of a cable box hooked up to it. What you may not know about this is that not every channel may be able to be received on a cable ready television set.

If you have certain cable channels, such as those in which you pay extra for, for example, Cinemax and Showtime, you will need a special converter to receive the signal that allows you to view those channels.

You should speak to your cable provider to see if your cable ready television will be all you need for the particular cable services you have purchased. Your company should be able to answer your questions regarding this matter.



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