Popular Cable TV Shows

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What are Some Popular Cable TV Shows?

Popular Cable TV Shows

What is your favorite television show to watch on cable? Besides the shows on the major networks such as ABC, NBC and CBS, do you like watching shows on lesser known networks or networks that you can only view because you have cable? I am sure you can name a long list of shows that you love to watch on cable. Do you know what the most popular shows are?

If you chose any of the WWE shows that are broadcast on the USA network, then you are right. On average, those shows bring in the highest viewers for cable television each week. Other popular shows include another USA network show called Monk. Is that one on your list? How about The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, a popular tween show on the Disney Channel that is a good one for the entire family to watch.

Cable television is widely popular, and the shows that are broadcast on cable television stations are growing in popularity. Do you have a favorite?



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