Premium Cable TV Channels

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What are Premium Cable TV Channels?

Premium Cable TV Channels

When purchasing your cable television packages you also have a decision to make regarding the want or the need for Premium Cable channels. These channels are typically the channels in which you would pay extra for on top of whatever package you wish to purchase.

Premium Cable channels are generally channels such as HBO, Showtime and Cinemax and there will most likely be a fee for each individual channel usually between eight and ten dollars, or you may be able to choose all three channels for a set price. These are often the choices for Premium Cable channels when utilizing analog cable television.

If you decide to go with Digital Cable television in your home, you will most likely have a choice for more Premium Cable channels. Besides the ones mentioned above, you can have added channels such as HBO 2 and several other HBO channels. You may be able to purchase several Cinemax channels as well as several Showtime, Starz and Encore movie packs. These, of course, will come at an additional price, usually ranging between $7 and $12 or more per package. As with the analog cable, you may be able to purchase all Digital Cable Premium channels in a set price package. Try contacting your cable company for prices and more information!



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