What is On Demand Cable TV?

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What is On Demand Cable TV?

What is On Demand Cable TV?

On Demand Cable TV is a great way to watch your favorite television shows. On Demand cable television allows the viewer to select and watch cable programming video content over the cable network to which they subscribe. The programming you see is either being viewed by you while the content is downloaded or the programming is downloaded and viewed by you through a special box before you even start watching it.

If you think about On Demand like a VCR, this can give you some idea of how it works. On Demand television works like a VCR but without you, the viewer, having to program or put a video in it. Instead, this is all taken care of by the digital cable company and your remote control. On Demand television programs and movies can be stopped, paused, fast forward and rewound by using your digital cable remote control. On Demand cable is only available for digital cable subscribers or satellite subscribers.



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