Dish Network vs DIRECTV

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Which is Better, DIRECTV or Dish Network?

Dish Network vs DIRECTV

When it all comes down to it, which satellite provider is better? Dish Network or DIRECTV? Let's talk about some of the other perks for each and then you can determine which one has more to offer.

DIRECTV has tons of programming packages and hundreds of channels. It also offers, for an added cost, NFL's Sunday Ticket, which allows you to receive all of the NFL games played every Sunday. Dish Network has a lot of programming packages and hundreds of channels. Prices are very reasonable and there seems to be something for everyone.

As mentioned above, DIRECTV offers the NFL Sunday Ticket for a sports package. Dish Network, while not offering the NFL Sunday Ticket, does have season ticket packages for its viewers. You can choose from, and for a price, professional soccer games, MLB (Major League Baseball), NBA games, and professional hockey games.

If Pay-Per-View is important to you, then you are in luck regardless of if you choose Dish Network or DIRECTV. Pay-Per-View is available to all customers with both satellite providers.

As far as price goes, it often seems that DIRECTV is more expensive than Dish Network. However, DIRECTV seems higher because its packages usually include many more channels when compared to packages with Dish Network.

Which one is better? That is really up to the viewer!



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